Your signature look is invented when you discover your style.
Your style comes from learning who you are, what’s uniquely different about you, and letting Styles for Life transfer the real you into your outer appearance.



We focus on building image inside and out creating individual style for each client.  It is important to us that we create a style that is personal, affordable and manageable to you.  Owner, Thomasina “TJ” Burns, provides her expertise in fashion, health, and image building to people looking to update or discover their unique look.  Our goal is to move you into a new style, a new beginning, & a new love for fashion.

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“5 Ways to Stand out at the Office” – Look 1 – Shift Dresses

After a weekend of household chores, errands and social events,...

“5 Ways to Stand Out at the Office”

Most women struggle with how to be fashionable with office...