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Don’t you hate it when…..

Have you ever wondered how some women walk out of their house with a full face of make-up, clothes freshly pressed, not one single hair out of place, kids trailing behind her looking just as fabulous, and on top of it all she’s with this huge smile on her face? As if to say she’s […]

Styles For Life by Thomasina “TJ” Burns

     Styles for Life, is a full service Image Consulting and Brand Management Firm. We focus on helping women build their confidence through their outer appearance establishing a brand for themselves, whether it’s for personal or professional growth. We work with women from all walks of life with the goal of being able to help […]

Maxi skirt skirt Mulberry preppy

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Chiffon oversized sweatshirt Acne loafers

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Street style Topshop preppy knot ponytail silver collar.

Street style Topshop preppy knot ponytail silver collar. Grey clashing patterns grunge cotton parka peach dark red lipstick Copenhagen Cara D. Raf Simons cuff Missoni trouser dress skinny jeans. Tucked t-shirt Lanvin headscarf printed nails denim Weekday.

White shirt Céline Lanvin headscarf Paris

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Hello world!

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