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We are so excited about our new “Tailor or Toss Tuesdays”.

I often run into people that have the famous questions, “What do you think about this?  Should I keep or get rid of it?  If I keep, how should I wear it?”.  Other than our Style Me Parties, I wanted to create an opportunity for people to get their questions answered, so now every Tuesday you will have Tailor or Toss Tuesdays.  Tailor means, you should keep and I will give you some tips on how to wear it better and different than before.  Toss means move it to the give away pile.  This will be very simple and easy.  Just email your pictures of your items before midnight on Monday, and check out our blog on Tuesdays to view your answers.  See very simple, and the most exciting part will be the advice on how to upgrade your items in the “Tailor” pile.  The will be your least expensive way to a new outfit!


***Due to the volume of entries, you are limited to 2 submissions a week.***


Do you have some items in mind? Awesome!

1) Email a picture of the items (2 items max) to

2) Log onto our blog to look for the post of your item,

3) Share and Invite a friend and receive $20 off a “Shop Your Closet” Consultation or Virtual Re-Style.

I am looking forward to your submissions.


~TJ Burns, Lead StylistTailor or Toss Tuesdays

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  1. jennyandjimmy January 21, 2014 at 6:25 PM

    I’m excited. Just sent my pics. 🙂


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