Be Different,
Be Fashionable,
Be You.

Styles for Life, is a full service Image Consulting and Brand Management Firm. We focus on helping women build their confidence through their outer appearance establishing a brand for themselves, whether it’s for personal or professional growth. We work with women just like you! Whatever your need or your goals there is not doubt we can help satisfy them!

We focus on building image inside and out creating individual style for each client. It is important to us that we create a style that is personal, affordable and manageable to you. Owner, Thomasina “TJ” Burns, provides her expertise in fashion, health, and image building to people looking to update or discover their unique look. Our goal is to move you into a new style, a new beginning, & a new love for fashion.

Feeling beautiful is hard work if you don’t have time, the knowledge, or the strength to put things together for yourself. But have no worries, Styles for Life is here to help!




“Let’s create your signature look.  Nobody will be able to ROCK it like you!”

– TJ –

How We Style

Our consultations help our client alter, change, or restore their image. We help them find the proper wardrobe for any occasion while at the same time suiting their personality. Our Stylist gives advice on your hairstyle and grooming products to help look your best. Your One -on- One consultations are not all about your looks, we work with you on with your communication skills and overall presentation. Overall our goal is to make you or, your organization look more appealing to the public to excel in your expertise.

Moving you to a new style and a new love for fashion will require us to spend more time getting to know one another. Your Personal Stylist should be like your friend you can contact when you have those burning fashion questions of, “How does this look?”, “Can I pair this together like this?” or “Do you know where I can find a …?” For this reason, we have designed Relationship Subscription Plans. We want to build a relationship with you so you always have someone to ask when you have questions. You will not just receive any answer, but and answer with suggestions that will always have you looking and feeling your most stylish self “inside and out”.

Our Relationship Subscriptions will give you more one on one time with your stylist to best fits your personal styling needs.

Style Me parties are a service provided by Styles for Life, a consulting firm that offers image and fashion consulting, where a stylist will come and style 5 to 10 of your friends for free. This is truly an opportunity to get your girls together and talk the “dos and don’ts” of today’s fashion. The goal is to have lots of fun with food, drinks and games, as well as to show you new ways to wear what you already own, or to inspire you to change the way you think about your clothes!

Hosting a party is very simple. Contact Styles for Life @ 281-772-1000 or email styleme@thomasinaburns.com, for complete details.