Image is not only how you see yourself, more importantly how you want the world to see you.

Thomasina offers powerful presentation on image and style that inspires and teach individuals how to make a powerful impact upon other at a single glance.  Thomasina is available for speaking engagements for corporations, associations, public seminars and events, churches, and industry-specific trainings.

Thomasina’s presentations serves one objective, “For the audience to leave with a different mindset on how they present themselves to the world”. ┬áThe audience leaves with an entirely new perspective about image and a newfound desire to be intentional about the way they look. ┬áThomasina’s keynotes are interactive, so they enable participants to “buy in” to new thinking as they see dramatic and powerful changes before their eyes.

Presentations that Educate, Motivate & Inspire

Professionalism in the WorkPlace: “Building the Whole Person”

  • Reinforce the principal of professional conduct, behavior, image, and appearance.
  • Illustrate the role that attitude and appearance play in the daily operations of professionals.

Building Your Brand: “The Importance of Image to an Entrepreneur & Small Business Owner”

  • You are the brand of your company
  • Building the brand of you
  • Why it matters what people think as it responds to your brand.

Improving Your Personal Life to Improve Your Professional Life: Pushing Yourself to Change & Make Improvements

  • Methods to overcome obstacles and challenges
  • Discover what actions are needed to move forward
  • Create a personal strategic plan
  • How to look good while you do it
.Thomasina was a breath of fresh air for our organization. Her education and experience changed the dynamics of our annual retreat. Thomasina’s expertise from working with nonprofit organizations gave us and edge in our programs and trainings. She was thoughtful, took a hands-on approach and coached our team to be GREATER!