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“5 Ways to Stand Out at the Office”

Most women struggle with how to be fashionable with office attire while staying update with seasonal trends.  Our focus for our Styles for Life clients and followers is to assist you in growing your Style to a ” Conservative, Trendy” look. Conservative meaning age appropriate and trendy meaning fashionable.  Conservative, Trendy is our specialty!   […]

All New Tailor or Toss Tuesdays

We are so excited about our new “Tailor or Toss Tuesdays”. I often run into people that have the famous questions, “What do you think about this?  Should I keep or get rid of it?  If I keep, how should I wear it?”.  Other than our Style Me Parties, I wanted to create an opportunity […]

Don’t you hate it when…..

Have you ever wondered how some women walk out of their house with a full face of make-up, clothes freshly pressed, not one single hair out of place, kids trailing behind her looking just as fabulous, and on top of it all she’s with this huge smile on her face? As if to say she’s […]

Meet your stylist

     My view of “Style” is more than just what to wear and what not to wear!  For me your style tells the story of the person you are within. When I say “building image inside and out”, I like to find out who you are, who you want to be, and how can we make […]