M y view of “Style” is more than just what to wear and what not to wear! For me, your style tells the story of the person you are within. When I say “building image inside and out”, I like to find out who you are, who you want to be, and how can we make sure your outer appearance matches your inner being. That’s the true meaning of building your style for life!

When I created Styles for Life in 2011, it was a reflection of me finding out who I truly was and what God put me on the Earth to do. I loved everything fashion and it was the one thing that I could do with no effort. I’m your girlfriend that puts all of your outfits together and will literally shop in your closet to create new outfits out of what you already own. My obsession for anything clothes was so great that my friends stopped shopping without me! It was the funniest thing in the world, we still laugh about it, and some of them still won’t go shopping without me. (I’ve spoiled them, I know!) But what I started to realize was that just as great as my love was for fashion, I found an even greater reward in the way I would watch the women that I loved transform right in front of me. It was amazing to me to see how much a woman’s thoughts about her outer appearance affected her demeanor. At that time I was in corporate America as a Health Educator; I loved helping people and being a tool that inspires and empowers them, but after 10 years, I knew there was much more for me to do. Everything in me was pulling me to help women feel as good about themselves just as I was able to do for the women closest to me, and that’s how Styles for Life began!

My vision for Styles for Life is very simple. It’s not just to pick out really cute clothes for you, anybody can do that; but it is to help you create your own style by pulling from the greatness that’s stored within you and displaying it in your outward appearance. It’s to teach and empower you to feel good in your own skin and display that feeling through your attire. It’s so easy to mimic an outfit or mannequin shop, but that particular look/style may not be made for you, and if it’s not your thing then, you can’t really own it and it carries over into the way you carry yourself. When I pull looks together for you, it’s a look that we customized just for you based off of your desires and your vision of how you want the world to see you. When we do that, no one else will have the ability to rock it like you! When you walk into a room, you want to own it…I know I do! Yes we are all special and awesome in our own unique way, but nobody can do you better Y-O-U! So why not always look and feel your best! After all, you are fabulous so your style should be too!

I am striving every day to look and feel my best, and helping women like you and me do the same! I look forward to getting to know you real soon!

“I began my career in Image and Style with one purpose in mind – teaching individuals how to build their signature look” 


We focus on building image inside and out creating individual style for each client. It is important to us that we create a style that is personal, affordable and manageable to you. Owner, Thomasina “TJ” Burns, provides her expertise in fashion, health, and image building to people looking to update or discover their unique look. Our goal is to move you into a new style, a new beginning, a new love for fashion.

Style 90%
Image 80%
Fashion 70%
Personality 95%