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Your beauty comes from having your own style, living your own way, and having your own mind!
As an avid supporter of women businesses I must say the customer service and professionalism of Style for Life and its consultants are impeccable. I consider myself a pretty savvy shopper, but this year I reached out to this group and received personal help from Thomasina. She helped me revamp my wardrobe and helped me save a tremendous amount of cash by shopping in my closet. Thomasina uses a unique approach that allows you to take your own personal style to the next level on any budget. I have learned to mix, add color and accessories that gets me ready for the boardroom and happy hour without losing my professional edge or my individual style comfort. I highly recommend the services provided as well as the other offerings; makeup sessions, closet consultation, etc.

~ J. Robins, Houston, TX     Age: 40-45

J. Robins
Thomasina with Styles for Life helped me in picking out the attire for my wedding. I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn’t put it into words. She was able to take what I was describing to her and find a dress that was identical to the thoughts that I had in my mind. Consequently my dress was a dress like no one had seen before, and it gave the dramatic effect that I was looking for. I don’t know how she is able to pull it out of you so well, but she has a gift. I use her all the time now, and I love every bit of it! Styles for Life is will definitely find your inner woman and bring her to the surface. I love everything they pull together for me.


The truly happiest bride ever!!

A Happy Bride
Thomasina had me on point this New Year’s Eve definitely be styling again because she apparently know me better than I do. 🙂
A. Carter
The other day, I met Thomasina shopping. Prior to shopping we had a closet consultation. We made a plan as to what I needed and when I arrived to the store, the ONLY thing I had to do was try on clothes and tell her what I liked and disliked. I was so comfortable and for the first time while shopping, I didn’t have anxiety. She is wonderful! I wore my first outfit last night and I felt great. Thank you Thomasina Burns!! You have no idea how much you have helped me be more fashionable.
J. Williams
Thomasina Burns was able to meet me at my point of need.  Concerns over tight fitting, short sleeved apparel was not a problem.  The clothes immediately helped to build confidence.  Thank you for your professionalism! I look forward to my next appointment!
J. Edwards

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